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Soothing, Pure Water Therapy in a Bottle

For all ages and skin types – including infants!

   Nature's Mist® Face of the Water™ relieves dry, irritated skin and is the only product that delivers exactly what skin requires most: real moisture (not lotions or creams) - pure, all natural and pH balanced for maximum absorption. Whether you are a man or woman and regardless of age or skin type, Nature's Mist instantly penetrates, hydrates, tones, nourishes and cleanses, while rejuvenating faded cosmetic colors.

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  • Hydrates skin anywhere, anytime
  • Absorbs into the deep skin layers
  • Awakens skin with a cooling and refreshing mist
  • Enhances faded cosmetic colors
  • Soothes dry, irritated skin due to sun, wind and harsh chemicals
  • Counteracts travel fatigue
  • Relieves irritation following waxing/shaving
  • After sun relief
  • Cleanses and soothes delicate baby skin
  • Safely misted over eyes and mouth

   In our dry, polluted and stressful world, proper hydration is absolutely essential because skin, eyes, lips and nose are the first line of defense against the external environment (including pathogenic microorganisms). If these areas become dry and chapped, than they can't function properly. To ensure skin is adequately defended use Nature's Mist with Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade water.

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30-Minute DVD Brochure

Nature's Mist®/Face of the Water™

"The ageless secret of the water"
Honest, common sense discoveries for dry, aging skin and dry, faded make-up.
Randy Kieling