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Nature's Mist®

Face of the Water™

The Absolute Truth About
Moisturizers and Moisture Sealers

   To "moisturize" means to add water. The majority of creams and lotions labeled "moisturizers" on the market today are in fact "moisture sealers", not moisturizers. The purpose of these skin care products, are to help seal existing moisture into the skin. They cover the skin with a water impermeable barrier, such as those containing petroleum or oil. These products artificially slow moisture loss from the skin, producing a temporary appearance of plumpness and fullness. In contrast, a true moisturizer, such as Nature's Mist, delivers water to underlying skin layers where it is absorbed into the semi-bound moisture reservoir.

   Both "moisturizers" and "moisture sealers" are vitally important in maintaining healthy, well-balanced skin. To replenish moisture and prevent its loss, mist with Nature's Mist and follow it up with cream or lotion, depending upon the target area (cream for the face, lotion for the rest of the body).

Source: Sharon Kleyne, Research Director, Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies
Randy Kieling
Nature's Mist® Face of the Water®
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