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Water Glossary

Bottled Drinking Water - often high in heavy alkaline minerals and usually contains sodium or carbonation (CO2 ). These minerals leave a drying residue on skin.

Tap Water - is nearly always alkaline and may contain softeners and purifying chemicals. Chemicals and alkalinity leave a drying residue on skin but tap water is adequate for drinking.

Distilled Water - this does not occur naturally in nature, and is essentially dead and of little benefit to body, skin or eyes.

Purified Water - processed through a water treatment facility. It contains chemical purifiers and softeners that leave a drying residue on skin.

Filtered Water - removes some or all (depending on the fineness and type of filter) of the sediment, bacteria, microorganisms, organic matter and contaminants present.

Well Water - even when filtered, it is unpredictable and usually alkaline. It is always advisable to have well water tested for pollutants and bacteria. Even when the tested water is within safe pollution and bacteria limits for drinking, it does not signify the water is beneficial for skin.

Scented or Flavored Water - scented spray waters and flavored waters are formulated waters containing additives. After the water evaporates, the additive leaves a residue, which dries the skin.

Hard Water - this water is extremely high in alkaline minerals (calcium and magnesium). Soap will not suds in hard water and clothes remain unclean. Hard water leaves a drying mineral residue on skin.

Soft Water - contains little or no dissolved salts (calcium and magnesium) and can be hard to wash off soap.

Ground Water - remains in the ground, gathering whatever minerals and pollutants are in the vicinity. It is usually necessary to purify or filter ground water before use. Most ground water is alkaline.

Surface Water - includes lakes or rivers that are usually not suitable for either drinking or skin application because of the high content of bacteria, microorganisms, organic matter and pollution.
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