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Water and Hydrotherapy
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A decade of research has revealed the most effective, safe, and natural way to soothe dry irritated eyes...

Nature's Mist®

Face of the Water™

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nature's Mist?
Nature's Mist is a pure, all natural, and pH correct tissue-culture grade water ideal for all human skin. Unlike most waters, Nature's Mist is a mild application that will not dry the skin or leave a residue. Nature's Mist helps replace and maintain skin moisture regardless of age, skin type, and climatic conditions.

What is the "Face of the Water"?
The "Face of the Water" indicates that water is "living" in that it has the capacity to create life, sustain, improve, and end life. When you look at the surface of water, which we call its "face", you see a reflection of your own face, both physically and spiritually. The human face - skin, eyes, hair and breathing passages - absolutely rely on the water's face for health and beauty. Nature's Mist with Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade water fits the description of "living" water. There is nothing better for your face than the water's face.

Why is Nature's Mist applied as a mist?
Nature's Mist is best absorbed if the water clings to the skin's fine hairs (vellus) in minute droplets rather than flooding the skin. Humidifying with this pure, pH correct all natural tissue-culture grade water, is the correct way to absorb moisture from the surrounding air.

Why does Nature's Mist contain only water?
Bio-Logic Aqua Biomedical Research has discovered that the correct method to moisturize only requires one ingredient - Water! Water constitutes 80% of the human body and is the only substance that can add beneficial external moisture to skin. Nature's Mist, with its mild Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade water and 6.4 pH, is the ideal moisturizer for dehydrated skin.

How does Nature's Mist differ from other waters?
The majority of the earth's waters are alkaline (above 7.0 on the pH scale), therefore they are not pH correct and contain dehydrating minerals. Heavier water or "hard water" is not as clean as lighter or "softer" water. Hard water with an alkaline pH can upset the skin's acid mantle barrier. A disruption in this protective barrier can result in harmful bacteria flora residing and flourishing on skin (bacteria prefer alkaline environments). Unlike most waters, Nature's Mist is pH correct and compatible with the skin's slightly acidic pH. Nature's Mist is readily absorbed through the protective acid mantle barrier, providing essential moisture to the skin layers - the epidermis (outermost) and dermis.

What is meant by "dehydrated" or dry skin?
The stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis, is hydrated by water trapped in the lower dermal layer, as well as through normal perspiration (water evaporates through pores). When extreme weather conditions arise or the skin is moisture deprived, the stratum corneum becomes taut and dry, and almost unable to absorb creams and lotions. As the skin becomes less supple, it chaps, transepidermal water loss "TEWL" increases, and the acid mantle barrier's function is impaired. Nature's Mist all natural Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade water, hydrates moisture deprived skin.

How does Nature's Mist differ from "Moisturizers"?
While important to healthy skin care, "moisturizing" creams and lotions do not add moisture to skin, but are helpful sealing in existing moisture. They are "moisture sealers" not "moisturizers". A true moisturizer adds "moisture" or "water", and only water can act as a true moisturizer. Creams and lotions are beneficial once the moisture level has been sustained to appropriate levels. To reach the skin's full benefit, use Nature's Mist before applying creams, lotions or other topical skin care products.

How does Nature's Mist rejuvenate cosmetic colors?
When skin is dehydrated, blood capillaries contract, resulting in a pale appearance beneath cosmetic colors. Nature's Mist delivers moisture to dehydrated, dry skin, thus benefiting capillary circulation and creating a glow of natural beauty beneath cosmetic colors.

Is Nature's Mist safe?
Completely. Nature's Mist contains a light mineral content and no additives or fragrances. There is no possibility of sensitivity or allergic reaction. If you have additional questions you would like answered, please click the following link Contact.
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