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Water and Hydrotherapy
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A decade of research has revealed the most effective, safe, and natural way to soothe dry irritated skin...

Water and Hydrotherapy

Let Us Educate You

  • To maintain healthy, youthful and translucent skin, keep it clean and hydrated.
  • The skin is composed of 80% water and acts as a protective barrier to slow internal water loss and protect against invasion by harmful external elements.
  • Daily external moisture loss begins at birth, and is responsible for skin aging and numerous skin challenges.
  • Skin moisture loss accelerates when the surrounding air humidity drops below 70% See " DRY AIR"
  • For optimal skin health, lost moisture must be replenished by both internal (through the mouth) and external (through the skin) sources.
  • Human skin will not absorb most tap water because of an incompatible pH (due to a heavy mineral content) and incorrect application method. See "BIO-LOGIC AQUA WATER"
  • Mild, natural, pH-correct water is essential for all skin types.
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